Test Cart & Weights Report (23-Oct-2018):

The SD Department of Commerce, Office of Weights and Measures, report on our test carts and weights: MP3807A (pdf, 7.15 MB), dated 16-Oct-2018 (amended). Newest test cart & weights: MP3800 (pdf, 1.75 MB), dated 11-July-2018.

The previous report: MP3728 (pdf, 1.16 MB), dated 05-Oct-2017.

Precision Weights Certificates (17-Aug-2017):

The Mass Value Certificates for our precision weights dated Aug 14, 2017: 2628405A-B (pdf, 1.01 MB — due back in 2 years)

The previous report dated July 21, 2015: 2313996-A (pdf, 1.18 MB — due back in 2 years)

K-Scale, LLC, Agency Certificates (07-May-2018, dated 01-Jan-2018):

South Dakota Department of Weights & Measures: 2018 (pdf, 1.29 MB)

Iowa Dept. of Agriculture & Land Stewardship: 2018 (pdf, 499 kb)

North Dakota Public Service Commission: 2018 (pdf, 644 kb)

Individual technicians are also certified in South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming and Nebraska. If you would like a technician’s certification number, let us know.

Please note: We are not the manufacturer of the K-TRON/K Coin/K Scale brand of scales.