K-Scale LLC is an authorized dealer of B-Tek, Cardinal/Detecto, CAS, Ohaus, Rice Lake Weighing and other brands.

Please note: We are not the manufacturer of the K-TRON/K Coin/K Scale brands of scales.

Automated Ticketing
Aviation Systems
Axle Scales
Belt Scales
Bench Scales
Concrete Batch Controllers
Counting Scales
Crane Scales
Farmers Market Scales
Floor Scales
Forklift/Pallet Truck Scales
Hanging Scales
Hopper & Tank Scales
Industrial Automation
Junction Boxes
Livestock/Ag Scales
Load Cells & Mounts
Mechanical Scales, Dials and Balances
Medical/Health Scales
Moisture Analyzers
Monorail Scales
Onboard Weighing
Pipe Lever Scale
Portable Vehicle Scales
Precision Solutions/Test Weights
Rail Road Track Scales
Remote Displays/Scoreboards
Retail Scales
Software and Apps
Truck / Vehicle Scales

Configure a new Oki Data ML320T to work with our indicators/systems: ML320TConfig

Revised (2022-Feb-23): The Menu Setting for Time Out FF has been changed from 200 ms to Invalid (default).

NEW (2022-Feb-23): To reset the ML320T’s Top of Form to Factory Default:
1. Press PARK to park the paper.
2. Turn Printer Off.
3. Press and hold PARK + QUIET/TOF then turn Printer On.

NEW (2022-Jul-08): Configure a new Epson LX-350 printer to work with our indicators/systems: LX350Config.