K-Scale, LLC, believes that a weighing system consists of more than merely a load receiver and indicator.  Equally important elements in the system are support personnel who understand the needs of the customer and suppliers dedicated to manufacturing high quality scale systems. 

Service contracts are available — monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

If your scale is down, top priority is given to your scale, so that your business is not negatively impacted. We carry many replacement parts to get your scale up and running as quickly as possible.

Our staff takes pride in supplying you with the finest scales available and field service technicians who have the skill and expertise to properly install and maintain the equipment.

To help you operate and maintain your electronic scale, download our helpful guide here.

For our company and staff state certifications, see the Certification page.

Please note: We are not the manufacturer of the K-TRON/K Coin/K Scale brand of scales.

Floor Scale Care

(From Rice Lake Weighing Systems)

Inspect and clean beneath your floor scale.

Debris beneath your scale platform or around the load cells in the scale platform can cause errors in weight readings. For this reason, the easiest fix for floor scale issues is routine cleaning. This includes cleaning the area beneath your floor scale periodically.

Tips for successful floor scale cleaning in all environments:

  • When cleaning beneath the platform, be careful not to move the load cell cables to a position where they could be pinched or cut during operation.
  • Scale platform binding is indicated by non-repeatable weight readings. To avoid platform binding, ensure clearance around the platform so it can move freely.